It`s a pity for the listing agent that the buyer remembered your home, but she`s really, really stretched things to suggest she`s entitled to a commission. You must have really seen the house during that time. I spoke with (the buyer agent) and she agrees with me not to sue this house with her potential buyers” I think 3% is fair. In our agreement with our agent, if it sells the property, then the commission is only 4% in total. Here is an example of a unique show agreement. There is no guarantee as to the legal accuracy of this form. Use at his peril: Everyone quickly thinks that the agent of the original list is doing a bit of sneaky. My question is: does the transaction intend to take the sale to close? Are you considering negotiating with the BA? There must be a lot between showing it and closing it to close the house. Maybe the original agent presented it this way because it assumes that you want representation and you are not able to go through the process of selling your own home? Perhaps because you played with her the first time, she feels like you want her to treat the sale from the beginning as the first time? Even if the buyers found the house from the marketing efforts of your former agent, there is a delay for the agent to have a commission.

Here too, in NC, if an agent is expected to collect a commission on previous shows, the broker must provide the owners with a list of potential buyers for whom it was the cause of the supply. I will accept permissions to show for 3% if I am a buyer agent…. If the sellers want to put me in the position of double agent, I ask at least 4.5%. Only if I show the house myself. Chelsea and Hubby, the former neutral room of the Apt, what do you think? I have reviewed the form, and I think Summersatthelake is right that we do not have representation with this scenario. We have never heard of one of the two officers. I hope that agents (especially buyers) do not act unethically and do not consciously show our home. Certainly, the buying agent would not do so, because we did not have a prior relationship with her. Given what they said, I`m sure that`s the way it is.

It seems that 6% for someone with a buyer and without list agreement, no marketing experiences, etc. is overwhelmed. Looks like your agent is expecting 3% for himself and 3% for the agent with the buyer. Yet a single show should be less. And make sure you`re always ready to move now that the house is out of the market. From what she tells you, if I had an offer at the end of the contract, and a year later, someone with whom I have never been in contact, saw the offer online and bought it from you, then I would have a commission to pay.