He added: “The renewal of this framework home support contract described in this report is urgent and cannot be delayed. As part of the agreement, Coun Lamb had to give his permission as chairman of the authority`s child and family control body – but he felt put in an impossible position. Through the EMI, the participating authorities will set up regional maintenance systems for ACLa when these agreements are concluded by external contractors. The EMI should develop a framework for contractors to ensure the ability to cope with fluctuations in demand and capacity in participating member authorities. . Bidders must complete the Standard Selection Questionnaire (QSS) and complete Section 8A1 before continuing to evaluate their bids on the basis of quality assessment criteria (5.5 of bidder instruction). “It`s a huge contract, and there`s been no mistake in checking whether we`re getting the best value for money or that the rules are the best thing we can get for our most vulnerable children.” The contract, known as the after-interim residential framework of the white rose, connects local authorities to providers of children`s residences to young people set up. “Due to administrative oversight, the timing of the decision has not received sufficient attention. Social services and other specific services – public procurement.

Coun Alan Lamb says the agency has almost run out of time to renew a $25 million contract to care for children in care across Yorkshire. The Authority includes a minimum of ten calendar days for the transmission of contracting information to bidders. This delay allows losing bidders to obtain further advice from the awarding authority prior to the conclusion of the contract. Such additional information should be requested by the recipient in this EMP found for home care will provide a framework of proven contractors for the provision of home care in 3 Lots. Steve Walker, Director of Children and Families at the Council, said: “The White Pink Frame is an innovative and successful contract for the commissioning of housing and care centres that should be extended. Unfortunately, the report requesting this extension was not introduced into the process within the required time frame, which means that we had to resort to a special emergency procedure. It appears to be a rare and regrettable administrative error and that we are conducting a review to ensure that this does not happen again. At no time have public money or the safety of children been threatened, but we obviously do not want this to happen again, and the review will assess what happened and recommend how to avoid reappearance. It is about the care and care of children and young people in a residential area.